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Laravel development aims at building scalable and feature-rich applications that elevate user experience. Laravel is an open-source PHP framework, with a vast selection of in-build tools and resources to de-tangle and streamline the development process.

Laravel Development – A Brief Overview

Laravel development aims at building scalable and feature-rich applications that elevate user experience. Laravel is an open-source PHP framework, with a vast selection of in-build tools and resources to de-tangle and streamline the development process. The framework has a versatile ecosystem with additional extensions and compatible packages to facilitate stable PHP app development. Laravel web development has witnessed an all-time higher adoption rate owing to its flexible features. As a leading Laravel service provider, we uses this state-of-the-art tool to build bespoke applications.

Laravel framework promotes hassle-free migration and seeding processes through its in-build mechanism and innovative database tools. The framework comes with an ORM, named Eloquent, that aid developers in easily standardizing interfaces. Laravel’s revolutionary tool, Artisan, helps developers cut back the turnaround time by readily ensuring bootstrapping of new models and numerous app components.

Features of Laravel Development

Top Laravel Development companies across the globe use the framework to build user-friendly and agile applications. Developers at we favor the tool because of the following reasons.

#Access to a versatile template engine

Laravel has a set of built-in templates, that facilitates the creation of incredible layouts which supports exceptional content seeding. The framework ensures quicker development of layouts that can be customized with appropriate sections. By leveraging Laravel development services, it is possible to upscale development efficiency. One reason why Laravel developers employ this tool is to access its large selection of widgets and to integrate CSS and JS coding into the development.

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#In-build features that make the framework MVC compatible

The MVC architecture compatibility feature in Laravel ensures a definite separation between essential business logic and the numerous presentation layers. This attribute along with others has ignited the growing traction of Laravel development services. As a top Laravel development company, we make use of the MVC pattern in Laravel to build intuitive applications.  

#Now it is much easier to code

Laravel has an integrated logical technique that promotes the effective flow of authorization logic. There is also an additional feature of flawless access monitoring to different resources inside the framework. The validation code attribute available in the Laravel framework knocks down the coding time and also generates much-needed flexibility for coders.  

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#No more repeating tedious programming tasks

The Artisan is an outstanding tool in the Laravel framework that assists developers in automating tedious and repetitive tasks. The framework is the best tool to use for database migration purposes as Artisan helps in stabilizing even the most complex database systems. Artisan also generates original MVC files and helps developers in churning out new commands. For efficient Laravel web development service offerings, companies use this command-line tool to generate primary codes and reliable database structures.

#Leveraging the Laravel migration system

Laravel migration system safeguards data loss by ensuring there is an optimum expansion of the web app database architecture when necessary. The framework uses PHP code to bring forth changes in the database structure instead of SQL.  Developers may use Laravel Schema Builder to engineer database tables with features to incorporate indices with columns.  

#Unit testing is hassle-free

One of the greater advantages of using Laravel for web applications is the efficiency it offers for unit testing. Developers can use this PHP framework to support multiple unit testing since the framework has an in-hand warning process to ensure that these changes are not implemented all of a sudden.

Why is it Important to Invest in Laravel Development?

Our developers attribute the rising popularity of Laravel development to the following factors…

#Engineering highly secure applications

Laravel is one of the best frameworks available in the market to generate stable and secure web applications. This framework is especially the developer’s choice when it comes to building e-commerce applications, where there is special emphasis on safeguarding the users’ credentials from online threats. The special attributes of the framework protect the application’s codebases from possible malicious threats.

#Introducing the scalability factor

To keep up with the growing demands of the public, every application needs to be integrated with scalable features. All the above-mentioned features of the framework ensure the development of a feature-packed solution. It also offers provisions for developing multilingual applications that can garner higher traffic and better ROIs.

#Highest performance for all applications

The extensive collection of tools in Laravel has opened up new doors of innovation. These tools can be used to incorporate the best-performing features into the applications. For instance, tools like Redis and Memcached can be combined with the Laravel ecosystem to ensure enhanced performance for applications. Laravel Horizon offers a unique dashboard to easily monitor metrics associated with the queue system, including job throughputs and run times.

#Prioritizing server health

At the end of the day, every business expects the maximum traction for their applications. If the business is not equipped to withstand the higher traffic, it can have negative repercussions. In these scenarios, the application server will be affected, scaling down its performance. The more traffic to the website, the more the request numbers it has to deal with. By taking advantage of the ‘message queue’ feature in Laravel, it is now possible to streamline activities when there is more web traffic. This will always keep the server performance in check and ensure there is no data loss.

#Laravel is backed by a growing community

Laravel enjoys a huge community base of developers and tech enthusiasts. The number of supporters of this framework is expected to see a major increase in the coming years. With contributions from this growing community, Laravel will be enriched with top features and the highest flexibility any framework has to offer. This will further aid in custom Laravel development and will take innovation to the next level.

#Quicker application development

The different selections of features in the Laravel framework will kick start a faster development cycle and give room for developers to experiment with new attributes. This results in improved Laravel development services and higher customer satisfaction.

The Future of Laravel Development

Laravel is a future-ready framework, having provisions for new integrations to adapt to the latest requirements. Out of all the frameworks in the market, Laravel enjoys a total share of 0.35%, with approx. 307,911 websites in the USA powered by Laravel. These figures have further prompted us to experiment with this PHP framework and engineer innovations that exceed client expectations.  

Laravel is expected to continue its reign as the popular framework for developing scalable applications in the future. It is the perfect tool for creating reliable and feature-rich websites that can withstand higher traffic rates. In addition, building a social network with Laravel has been trending in the tech landscape lately.

Laravel package development has ignited quicker turnaround time for developers, encapsulating the reusable functionality to ease the development process. It has streamlined the interaction and integration processes and made the whole process completely error-free.

Out of the many characteristics that will drive Laravel adoption in the future, its security features stand out a little. The CSRF protection in this framework ensures the authenticity of the requests an application receives and protects the app from online threats. Based on Bcrypt and Argon2, Laravel has an integrated native hash instrument that helps streamline the authentication process. The framework also ensures to strengthen cookies protection by adding provisions for an encryption or application key. Laravel maintains a top-tier encryption game by leveraging the Open SSL library to safeguard the translated data.

Laravel framework will have a promising future in the years to come. Start-ups and enterprises alike have taken a keen interest in this PHP framework. Its versatile design architecture, faster response, and in-build libraries will help businesses to explore new possibilities in app development.

Custom Laravel Development from AI

As a forefront Laravel development company, Ai has expertise in building and deploying Laravel-powered, feature-efficient, and intuitive applications. Our Laravel web development services ensure high-performing applications for businesses of all sizes. From developing simple applications to generating elaborate CMS for eCommerce websites, we ensure the shortest possible turnaround time.

We have a vast talent pool of Laravel developers who have proficiency in A-Z of the Laravel framework. Share your ideas with us and we make sure to integrate them into your application with elevated user experience. Now you can avail custom-built applications that serve your requirements and stay within your budget. Our developers focus on customizing the in-build features in the framework to deliver exclusive designs.  

Laravel eCommerce Development

Laravel is a popular choice for eCommerce development in the tech sphere, owing to its incredible PHP framework, flexibility, and lightweight, which brings the ideal eCommerce experience for the users. In fact, there are around 450,000 live Laravel eCommerce websites across the globe. By integrating intuitive UI designs and top-notch navigation features, we build eCommerce applications that drive higher user engagement.  We have expertise in Laravel eCommerce packages to generate scalable solutions. We incorporate clean code structures and features to enhance the website’s performance. Since eCommerce websites deal with user data, we give the utmost importance to ensuring the highest level of security for our applications.  

Laravel Extension Development

Integrate custom extensions into your applications and scale your application to new technology heights. By leveraging the extensive Laravel packages, we make sure your app is incorporated with the right features that align with your business goals. Since staying up to date with the latest tech requirements is absolutely critical to remaining relevant in the market space, businesses need to integrate the best attributes into their applications. From working on composer packages to setting up extension attributes, and managing the installation, we ensure businesses get their value for money.

Laravel Data Migrations

Laravel developers at AI assist businesses to integrate the latest Laravel attributes into their applications to enjoy the best of what technology has to offer. We effectively help businesses to migrate from one Laravel platform to another by efficiently utilizing Laravel data migration solutions. We follow a rigorous testing methodology to ensure there are no hiccups during the migration process. From identifying the sensitivity of the project to the final implementation, our team creates a foolproof strategy to execute the process. Now easily upgrade to Laravel 5.6 and enjoy improved features and functionalities to scale your business.

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1. Why is Laravel so popular?

Laravel is widely used by developers across the globe owing to its elegant syntax and its vast collection of libraries, tools, and templates. It strictly follows an MVC pattern that enables streamlining of even complex tasks.  

2. Why is Laravel better than other frameworks?

Laravel is favored over other frameworks due to its highly advanced features and versatile tools that facilitate quick web development. Laravel development also involves the usage of simple and reusable code to build feature-rich applications.

3. What is the latest version of Laravel? What is new about it?

Version 9 is the latest offering from Laravel, released on Feb 8, 2022.  It comes with a Next.js frontend implementation. By utilizing the Laravel Sanctum authentication, it is possible to build applications that serve as both JavaScript frontend and backend.

4. Does Laravel offer support for developing the API tool?

Laravel makes it easier to develop RESTful APIs. It may range from a data source for a mobile application, a back-end to a front-end web application, or any specific service associated with a service or APIs.

5. How secure is Laravel?

Laravel provides excellent AES-256 and AES-128 levels of encryption by leveraging the OpenSSL library. To avoid mistreatment of encrypted data by any unauthorized party, Laravel has integrated MAC to sign its encrypted values.

6. How well does Laravel handle migrations?

Laravel is equipped to easily handle migrations. Any previously done migrations are safely stored in the database. When running a new migration, Laravel checks the ‘migration table’ and compares the new requirement with the previously run migrations to take the best course of action.

7. Does Laravel support an MVC pattern?

This PHP framework strictly follows an MVC architecture. By leveraging this feature for Laravel web development processes, it is possible for developers to ensure quick turnaround times in app creation.

8. How does templating work in Laravel?

The Laravel template comes with a smart templating engine, called Blade. It can be effectively used to write syntaxes. It also offers a specified structure, with unique loops and conditional statements.

9. What is Laravel horizon and what are its features?

Laravel horizon is used to streamline Laravel queues. It comes with a unique dashboard and a code-driven configuration, allowing quick tracking of key metrics like job failures, runtime, job throughput, and more.

10. Is Laravel the right choice for a large-scale project?

The flexibility Laravel offers developers makes it a popular choice for developing large-scale projects. This PHP framework facilitates development from scratch, leading to hassle-free development of simple or complex projects.

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